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Extending The Life Of Your Fleet

Dipetane is a fuel enhancer, proven to increase mpg and cleans fuel injectors

About Dipetane

Up to 10% More MPG

Consistently giving more mpg for your bus, coach, lorry, ship and car for over 20 years

Lowering Emissions

Helping to saving the environment by lowering harmful emissions


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Find out about Dipetane

EF10 is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. It contains nothing that is not already in the fuel.

Introducing Dipetane

Fuel additive treament for improve fuel economy and reduced emissions

Dipetane 5 Litre Fuel Additive
  • Burns less fuel

    When mixed into gasoline, diesel and heavier fuel oils, the improved combustion enabled by Dipetane means that less fuel is used.

  • Reduces carbon

    Because Dipetane enables a more complete burn, this results in lower carbon deposits on the walls of the combustion chamber.

  • Less engine wear

    The enhanced combustion enabled by Dipetane Increases lubricity within the combustion chamber. This leads to less friction and engine wear.

  • Lower maintenance

    Less wear and tear means fewer oil changes and less frequent need to replace injectors, DPF’s and EGR Valves.


Since we have started using Dipetane we have found that the brown sludge that was in the filters has disappeared and we don’t have to change our filters as often as we had to.

Indications are a 17.8% increase in fuel efficiency after the addition of the Dipetane fuel additive. Thjer are also some emissions showing a 31% decrease in NOx at 2,000 revs on an Optare Solo bus.

In a very short time we noticed that buses needed less fuel each day when refuelling and after 3 weeks we were able to calculate that the improvement in MPG was over 7%. We would recommend EF10 to anyone wanting to cut their fuel bills.

As an expanding Bus/Coach operator I know there is a need to reduce down time of vehicles that come off the road due to emission problems. Within a few weeks we found the buses were running smoother with greatly reduced emission problems and less down time.

17.8% increase in fuel efficiency after the addition of the EF10 fuel addictive. There are also some emissions recorded showing a 31% decrease in NOx at 2,000 revs on an Optare solo bus. The drivers also noticed increased torque up steep hills.

We used our lveco truck with a Euro 5 engine, which has a standard exhaust system. After only 4 weeks we saw that fuel consumption had gone up from 11 MPG up to 14 MPG and particulates and smoke emissions had dropped down to ZERO, as measured by our VOSA calibrated emission testing equipment.

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