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Dipetane 1 Litre Fuel Additive

£12.15 £13.50 saving £1.35
Dipetane 1 Litre Fuel Additive

Dipetane 1 Litre Fuel Additive

£12.15 £13.50 saving £1.35

The Dipetane 1ltr Fuel Additive contains nothing that is not already in the fuel. This additive gives up to 10% better fuel consumption and up to 25% lower car emissions! It also cleans fuel injectors and protects them against low sulphur and poorly combusting fuel! If you think your petrol tank needs some TLC then look no further!


  1. Simply fill up your vehicle with an amount of litres of fuel and then pour in the corresponding amount of Dipetane, e.g. for 40 litres of fuel pour in 4 units of Dipetane.
  2. Each bottle of Dipetane treats 200 litres of any fuel.
  3. Use Dipetane for 2 to 3 fuel fill-ups to gain the full benefits.
  4. Each division on the bottle treats 10 Litres.
  5. There is no danger from putting in too much Dipetane.
  6. Dipetane is designed for continuous use.
  7. Dipetane helps to pass the NCT,MOT emission tests.
  8. Suitable for al fuel types: petrol, diesel, kerosine, bio-fuel, heating oil

Dipetane 1ltr Fuel Additive Extra Info

  • Up to 10% Better Fuel Consumption
  • Up to 25% Lower Car Emissions
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by up to 25%
  • Protect Your Injectors Against Low Sulphur and Poorly Combusting Fuel)
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • Solves Diesel Problems
  • Up to 50% Extended Engine Rebuild Frequency for Passenger Ferries
  • Up to 66% Longer Engine Oil Life
  • Lowers Engine Oil Maintenance Costs
  • Longer Domestic Heating Boiler Life
  • Reduced Smoke Impact on Neighbours When Used in Domestic Oil Heating Boilers