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Tanant Valley latest Bus company on board

Tanant Valley latest Bus company on board

First sceptical Tanant Valley bus company have trialled EF10 rigorously and have come out the other side not only saving on fuel but saving on low down time too! With lower fuel costs and maintenance bills on vehicles EF10 has worked wonders on their fleet and below you will find a testimonial from their Director. 

"As an expanding Bus/Coach operator I know there is a need to reduce down time of vehicles that come off the road due to emission problems.

Approximately nine months ago I was approached by Paul Widdowson of EF10 with regards to the EF10 fuel treatment recommended to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. At first I was very sceptical regarding this product but having heard some good feedback I decided to try it in a few of our buses. Within a few weeks we found the buses were running smoother with greatly reduced emission problems and less down time.

I now dose the bulk tank with EF10 in order that the whole fleet benefits and I have seen a marked improvement in our fuel economy. My next step is to install a dosing system that will add EF10 at the pump automatically when the fleet is being fuelled.

I recommend EF10 to anyone who wishes to lower their fuel costs, emissions and maintenance on their vehicles." 

The number of Bus companies turning to EF10 to solve emissions problems as well as saving vasts amounts on fuel is ever increasing and you can see why.

To find out more on how to save money on both fuel economy and maintenance fees contact Paul Widdowson on 01384 884488.